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Our One Year Birthday, A new look and a great product giveaway!

Gangnam Styles

Posted on March 05 2017

Gangnam Styles Anniversary Special

Gangnamstyles is One Year old and it's been a great year and it's all thanks to you!

A year ago we had the idea that there was something missing in the clothing market in the UAE and Gulf Region. There was no Asian Fashion and Asian Styles even though there is such a large Asian community and throughout the Gulf as well as a general demand for the newest fashion out of asia. So we set out find the coolest and most stylish fashion from Korea, China, Thailand and more and bring it to you in our online store.

Since then we have had a great response with now over 30,000 followers on our Facebook page and fantastic loyal customers! We love all of you!

As part of our celebration we've decided we need a fresh look, after all a fashion website needs to look its best.

Gangnam Styles Logo

We started with a new logo, we hope you like it, and you can expect to see a few more changes to the look of the site over the next couple of months.

But most importantly we have a GREAT PRODUCT GIVEAWAY to say thank you. The prize is:

Boots, Blouse, Skirt, Product GiveawayAll you need to do to win this is post a picture of yourself wearing your favourite Gangnamstyles outfit on our Facebook page with a short description in the next week.

At the end of the week we will choose the five best submissions and put them in a new Blog post next weekend and then all of the Gangnamstyles fans will have the chance to say which one is their favourite. The two most popular fan choices will win a new outfit! 

So don't waste any time and start posting your pictures to FB right away! :)




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